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Rewinding Services

Technical Information

Halmatex have modern custom built machinery which includes a computerised tension control system which has the ability to automatically record setting details during trials. This ensures that the same parameters are accurately reproduced in subsequent production giving the customer absolute confidence in the consistent quality of repeat orders.

Halmatex also offer full batch traceability together with customised labelling to exact customer specifications using the customers own specialised packaging materials as required. Our company takes pride in our ability to work alongside our customers research and development departments in the strictest confidence trialing new and revised materials giving valuable advise on all aspects of the slitting and rewinding process.

Heat Slitting

As well as using conventional cold slitting techniques Halmatex have the ability to heat slit synthetic materials (usually woven) up to 2000mm wide where it is important to seal the cut edges to stop fraying or fibre contamination.

Halmatex meet our customers expectations on time, every time.

rewinding services

We can handle customers input rolls up to 2400mm wide and 1000kg

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